Ultrasound & Gender Reveal

In House Ultrasounds

We have brand-new, top of the line machines, and highly trained sonographers. We offer 3D/4D ultrasound. Since we are in-house, it is convenient for our patients to be able to have prenatal and gynecology ultrasounds done at the same time as their doctor appointments.

Early Gender Detection

Are you excited to find out if you are having a boy or girl but don’t want to wait until your 20 week ultrasound? Inland OBGYN is now offering Gender Reveal Ultrasounds to find out your baby’s gender as early as 16 weeks. We will have appointments available to take a sneak peak of the baby, and reveal the gender as well as provide you with pictures and video clips of your sweet baby. If you are planning a gender reveal party or surprise, we have options to help you with that as well.

Gender Reveal Scan

Gender reveal scans are available Monday and Wednesday.

Gender reveal scans are an elective scan and are NOT part of your prenatal care. They will not be used in any way to diagnose the health of your baby. If you have concerns, you will need to contact your doctor.

Your gender reveal scan is not covered by insurance, and will need to be paid in full at time of service. We will accept cash, and credit card payment.

For best results, you should be at least 16 weeks at the time of your gender reveal scan.

Our sonographers are highly skilled, however, there are multiple factors that may limit views of your baby. If we are not able to see the baby’s gender, we will allow you to come back again within the next two weeks at no additional charge for another look.

NOTE: You don’t have to be a patient of Inland OBGYN to use this service. 


  • Gender Reveal $125

    • 10 - 15 minute scan
    • 2D Look at baby
    • Watching/listening to baby's heart beating
    • Gender reveal
    • 3D/4D look at baby when possible (Dependant on factors such as baby's position and maternal BMI)
    • Both black and white/color photos, as well as video clips texted straight to your phone
    • Up to 3 black and white prints to take home

  • Gender Surprise $135

    • 10 - 15 minute scan includes all of the above except the gender reveal at time of scan
    • We will determine the gender and put a photo of it together with a surprise gift for you to take home and open later revealing the baby's gender